Sunrise in the West

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Mayaro Beach Sunrise The room spins, the light shines Drums resonate, my brain flat lines. Beat beat, my heart's at peace Any slower and I'll be deceased Relaxation alike, like no other, I don't care, I dont bother. Time goes by, but I've stayed in. Now here comes this retarded grin Something mystical, blowing in the air Holding a conscieneness, holding a stare Sometimes I open my eyes but I just cant see Only because people surround with their negativity I tip my hat to all that'll agree That you can live your life and live and let be Strip away the ego and reveal yourself

Mayaro Beach

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Mayaro Beach

Mayaro Beach still remains one of my favourite spots in Trinidad and Tobago. Looking along the shorelines in any direction, you will see miles of sea meeting sand. Whether you are there for high tide or low tide, Mayaro never disappoints in giving you the most picturesque memory to cherish.

The Unknown: The Universe

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I look to the's one of the most un-discovered places by man. We know little about it, can't see much of it, don't know how big it is or if we are alone. When scientist try to explain the vastness of the Universe, they typically use Earth-like examples so that the human mind can appreciate its magnitude. Peep this...

Trinidad Guardian's Main Stage launched using Drupal!

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Main Stage

A few days ago, the Trinidad Guardian's Main Stage was launched.

Without a doubt, the website runs on the very powerful cutting edge content management system, Drupal 6.

The design was done in-house at The Guardian (provided as a template) and some features used are the jQuery powered photo galleries.

A gallery is considered a "node" which can contain multiple images, all of which are seamlessly uploaded through the web interface of the same website.

The Purpose of Life, The Evolution of Man, The Universe and Awesome Earth

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Asteroid Impact

All living species go through evolution.

Before the Chicxulub crater impact, there were no humans. After the impact humans walked the earth millions of years afterwards....a geological blink of the eye.

I think all species live for a while, then some massive extinction occurs by a natural phenomena. Consequently, (through evolution) a new species is derived.

Humans have been walking the Earth for thousands of years. Thousands of years is negligible when compared to the age of the universe.

Leveraging the Drupal Content Management System

Posted on: Sun, 10/04/2009 - 01:09 By: admin

This is my presentation for the event: "Building with Open Source: For Developers", and was presented today for the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society Software Freedom Day events.

Comments and questions are welcome.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

It is available in the OpenOffice format (naturally) and as a pdf.

To suck or not to suck

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KC Diana dinner mints
Dinner mints are small mint flavoured sweets usually served at the end of meals...usually. Today in Trinidad, dinner mints are used for much more than sucking. Its:

  • served with your bill at restaurants
  • for sale in some offices
  • used to lure tips at bars
  • used to somehow apply the love writings to your life
  • used during insulting someone for bad breath
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