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Posted on: Mon, 09/17/2007 - 04:28 By: admin

CCN TV 6 is Now Available!!! - I have added CCN TV 6 for your viewing pleasure. It is free for now until I can set up proper payment procedures. Do enjoy and spread the word! (I hope at least 1 person appreciate this effort. I ended up putting a server in my kitchen as there was the ONLY place I can get good reception of TV 6!) Enjoy it while its free. It will take me a couple of days to set up secure payment procedures. (I prefer take my time and get this done right....heh, I know you'll appreciate me taking my time!)

In a nutshell, payment procedures will be as follows:

  1. I will post a special link on this page that will redirect you to a payment gateway like paypal (I am actually using Don't worry, its safe and secure and used by millions around the world.
  2. Once payment has been received, I will create an account for you on this website where you will be given a username and password.
  3. Once you are logged in to this site, you will be redirected to the secure web page where the secure link for the TV6 stream will be.
  4. You will then be required to tell all your trini friends so they can come and join in on the fun. (joke)

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Thanks much for the information!

How do I sign up for the Carnival shows on the internet? I am not seeing anything anywhere showing me pay per view

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