Moom Moom

Posted on: Thu, 06/04/2009 - 14:11 By: admin

One day I was just laying in bed staring at my fish bowl (well now my brother's fish bowl)...apparently he named the fish Ziggy. Ziggy is a gold fish and the size of bowl is about 40 cm in diametre. Then I was thinking: life as a fish must be pretty boring!! Imagine just swimming around in a small bowl with some coloured stones at the bottom. You can literally circle the bowl in like about 3 seconds. How lame! I actually felt sorry for Ziggy.

But alas, au contraire, there is a circulating myth (?) that a fish has a life span of about 3 seconds. Well after some googling, I cannot confirm whether this is a myth or not, but let's say the actual memory span of Ziggy was 3 seconds. That fish bowl would be pretty darn exciting!

You circle the bowl, 3 seconds elapses and hey, you are in a totally new bowl! And you repeat 100 times for the day!

Look at it like this: if every 3 seconds your memory is completely erased, a 40 cm diametre bowl doesn't sound half that bad. Honestly, I didn't really feel sorry for Ziggy after that, I fed him 5 pellets. By the time he ate 3 pellets, he was having a whole new dinner again. Then I fell asleep...


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