Drupalcon DC - Day 1

By gdEg6gO1wybjfkUX5h9q, 5 March, 2009

Drupalcon Day 1
Wednesday March 4th - Day 1 of Drupalcon and I already feel like I have been here a week! That's because I attended seven (7) full sessions back to back. There was so much information to absorb, so many great people to meet and so much needs being satisfied. Dries' keynote speech was invigorating as was expected. He touched on showing pictures of one of the very first Drupalcons ever with an average turnout of about 30 people. Today, it's a whopping 1400+!! Three meetings rooms were joined together, 3 big white screens and over one thousand people jam packed into the room. It's amazing the wireless network didn't crumble.

The convention centre is totally amazing in itself. Where we had lunch (picture coming soon) was actually under street level and I swear you can fit at least one and a half Boeing 747s in there! It was MASSIVE.

Everything so far is well organised. Gallons of coffee, thousands of pints of beer and pizza galore will be consumed over the next 3 days in DC. I am so tired, I can't even make the welcome party that is supposed to be going on right now. Two rented out bars next to each other crammed with Drupal developers....and it gets better!

Highlights of the day

Well start reading from the top again! :)

Well truth be told, the entire day was a highlight for me, but let me summarise...

  • I learnt about Apache Solr. I had heard about it but never played about it. I can see this being very useful in upcoming websites.
  • I learnt about Using SMS for Data Collection and how you can use Drupal to harness the power of SMS, something I think is worth checking out.
  • Oh I got my book autographed...yeah yeah whatever, I don't care!
  • I had a fillet-o-fishy...MC Donalds baby!
  • I realised I need to invest in ear muffs or something. My ears and fingers keep freezing up and going numb during the walks.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. The schedule is jam packed as usual and I am prepared to take it all in. Go Drupal!

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