Hello Washington! See you at Drupalcon DC 2009!

By Shivan Jaikaran, 3 March, 2009

This semester, Drupalcon will be held in Washington DC. In case you don't know or you live under a rock, Drupalcon is THE event for Drupal developers. Right now, its sold out with 1400+ Drupal enthusiasts converging under one roof.

This is my first ever Drupalcon (and certainly will not be my last ever!). I am so anxious to meet fellow Drupal developers and finally put a name to their Drupal ID or IRC nick. It's so weird...you collaborate with these guys/girls all the time and yet I have never met them.

I am really looking forward to attending the keynote session by Dries Buytaert, the original creator and project lead of Drupal.

Some of the sessions that I plan to attend are:

  • The Themer's Toolkit
  • Drupal in the Newsroom, from Mother Jones to the New York Observer - This will tie in very nicely with my previous work
  • Advanced Theming Techniques
  • SEO and Drupal: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices
  • Building Advanced Social Networks at a Large U.S. University
  • Giving Nodes New Clothes: Dynamic User Interface Building for Drupal
  • Developing Facebook Applications with Drupal
  • Drupal CDN Integration: Easier, More Flexible and Faster!
  • Scaling Drupal using Amazon Web Services
  • CCK Mashup, Oh The Things You Can Do!
  • Promiscuous Drupal: Building Your Site With Web APIs
  • Drupal Multimedia
  • Inside Drupal Caching: From Static Variables to Memcache
  • Token: The Little API That Could

Ofcourse the sessions I outlined above are so very tentative. So many of the great sessions clash! Ideally I would have loved to attend every single one!

I'll be walking with book in hand to get some autographs!

The Venue

This semester, DrupalCon DC will be in Washington, DC at the city's Convention Center. I have never been to DC, but apparently the venue is situated near tons of hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and tourist destinations. I'm looking forward to doing a little touring as well if time permits.

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