Puzzling Questions

Posted on: Mon, 08/03/2009 - 21:49 By: admin

I lay on my back, staring at the stars in a "freeness" state of mind....thinking. I kept bouncing up hurdles that turned into troubling questions that I did not have the answers too immediately. These questions really puzzled me. Questions like:

  1. If one billion years elapses, that is surely enough for an entire generation to pass right?
  2. Really and truly, how big is the universe?
  3. Vijay was telling me about this DVD documentary where they claim some solar event is going to happen on Dec 12th 2012. Something about the spin of the galaxy passing another galaxy that will eventually lead to a reverse in the polar axis on Earth. It will take one billion years before we see any repercussions. There are two things to note here: A. This DVD will definitely be a best seller for the next 3 years because everyone will want to learn about what will happen in the next 3 years....very good sales tactic. B. An entire generation (maybe a few generations) will pass in a billion years....so who is gonna notice?
  4. What were you in your past life and what will you be in your next life? I think I may have been a hawk or eagle. That would have been cool.
  5. If dew was falling (and it was at the moment because the surrounding surface was beginning to get wet, that's how long I laid there!), how come my clothes weren't getting wet?
  6. If one generation of people had a lot of females, would that entire generation eventually die out because of the females marrying the males and changing their last name? That's gotta suck!

I saw one red shooting star (didn't really made a wish but I should have). Then I think I was gazing for too long as the stars appeared to be chasing one another...weird. Some stars even looked like planes and some were glistening between red and white. It was a cloudless sky, a great escape of my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed it...


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