Trinidad & Tobago Linux Users Group - now using Drupal!

Posted on: Wed, 02/18/2009 - 03:34 By: admin

The Trinidad and Tobago Linux Users Group (TTLUG) is now using Drupal. Well seeing that I promised to have a website up and running after becoming President of the TTLUG, this was the least I could do on my own company's time.
It took me about 8 straight hours to set everything up from scratch. This 8 hours involved transferring nameservers, setting up hosting account, setting up Drupal, installing some modules, picking a theme, troubleshooting OpenID and creating some content to get things going....oh yeah somewhere in between I watched an episode of Scrubs, opps my bad.


Why was Drupal chosen?

Well I hate to keep repeating myself (!!) but after all, it is a community driven website and what other CMS out there does that sort of thing? It's great to know that it runs Drupal 6. It was built as a wiki type site so all of the content will come from the end users. Actually, the site should build and moderate itself (even spam), you'll see why after reading about some of the modules I used below.

The Modules

CCK and Views - Well hey hey lookie lookie, you didn't actually expect I wouldn't use these modules right?

Tagadelic - This would explain the tag cloud which would eventually show up in the footer region when there is enough content on the site.

Comment Notify - Used to notify users who have previously left comments on a node so that they will know that there is a new comment to their comment. This fosters back and forth discussions and all that good stuff.

Diff - Shows revisions between edits of a node so that a node can be reverted just in case an error was made.

Flag Content - Users can flag content just in case spam slips through.

Mollom - The major spam fighting ninja.

Service Links - provides those small image links that add some spice to the site...oh yeah and it can be used to spread the word about important nodes.

The site is a bit bare at the moment but I would expect to evolve over time. I'm looking forward to the having this site become an invaluable resource to IT professionals in Trinidad and Tobago in the Linux/Open Source arena.

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