The Unknown: The Universe

Posted on: Thu, 05/06/2010 - 11:31 By: admin

I look to the's one of the most un-discovered places by man. We know little about it, can't see much of it, don't know how big it is or if we are alone. When scientist try to explain the vastness of the Universe, they typically use Earth-like examples so that the human mind can appreciate its magnitude. Peep this...

Example 1

The closest Earth-like planet is some millions of light years away (?). To get an idea of how long it would take to get there, imagine the fastest moving object that man can create today and multiply that speed by 10. Then place a human passenger in that object and send him off to this planet. The length of time it would take is still more than the normal life span of a human being! You might as well send a sperm and an egg up into space and let it fuse en route! Boy Voyage to that.

flying bullet

Example 2

The sun is so big, you can fit a million Earths in it.

sun earth comparison

Example 3

Our preferred unit for measuring distance in the Universe is the Light Year.

light years
1 light year = 9.461e+15 meters

Is anyone noticing a significant trend here or is it just me? It seems that people try to extrapolate the Universe to examples that can be found on Earth. But what if the best way to capture the true essence of the Universe is by quoting an example that can never be found on Earth.

The assumption made by man here is that ALL or most possible case scenarios can be found on Earth....and that is exactly my point, they are not. Maybe the best way to give an example of the size of the Universe cannot be understood by man because our imagination can only be stretched "so far". It is so huge, we cannot understand it. A light year may just not be enough. Infinity miles is still not enough. What if the Solar galaxy that we are in is just a scaled up version of atoms, neutrons and electrons?

galaxy as atoms

NOW, think about what difference a light year makes...some food for thought.


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