Published: 17th Th9 2020

A very popular drink that can be found at many parties in Trinidad and Tobago is rum and coconut water. Amazingly this drink is not very popular globally. I am not sure if this drink originated in Trinidad and Tobago but it is definitely consumed within the Caribbean region, particularly in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is a very simple drink to make. Don't try to make it too fancy, you are just going to ruin it.


Published: 3rd Th8 2020

If you are using shared web hosting for your composer managed Drupal website, you have probably ran into the problem of your server running out of memory for simple commands such as "composer install". Shared web hosting usually have memory limits which are shared across many websites.

Published: 20th Th1 2020

In this tutorial I will explain how I accomplished taking a listing of nodes that came from a View and created a Parallax scrolling effect using the Bootstrap theme from Drupal 8.

You will need to have Drupal 8 installed with Views and a Bootstrap subtheme set up.

For this tutorial, I am using a simple Page content type that I created with 3 fields: Title, Body and Background Image.

You should then create a View that lists this Page content type. I am listing the Body field and Background Image field in my example. I am keeping my Page content type and View very simple for explanation purposes. But you can set up more complex Views and content types as you wish. You just need at least an image field (or you can place a background image to an existing content type field via CSS as well).

Published: 30th Th1 2019

This tutorial will explain in 10 easy and proven steps how to take a Drupal 8 website and get it to be managed under Composer. Click on the title to read more.

Published: 29th Th1 2019

Travelling in South East Asia can be a lot of fun. Typically, you can book on the spot and pay in the local currency. The only problem with this is that getting local currency can be a little costly as every time you withdraw from an ATM it will cost you a fixed fee from your bank AND the ATM. Use 12Go Asia

Published: 9th Th1 2019

This simple CSS trick will explain how to target all the elements except the first. This works especially well for list elements.

Published: 3rd Th1 2019

In this article we are going to look at how we can render custom images using image styles in your Twig template in Drupal 8. By custom images, I mean images that originate from a custom module/theme (not an image originating from a field entity/node). In other words, the image would not even exist in "public://your-image.png" but rather it might exist somewhere in your custom module or theme.

Published: 10th Th8 2018

Tôi từng thưởng thức nhiều món ăn khác nhau trên khắp đất nước Việt Nam, suốt hành trình hơn 7 tháng từ Hà Nội đến Phú Quốc (hơn 15 thành phố lớn). Tôi sẽ nói bạn nghe món nào ngon nhất trong số những món tôi từng ăn (không chỉ ngon nhất Việt Nam mà là ngon nhất đời tôi luôn í). Và nó là đặc sản của một quán ăn ở cố đô Huế cổ kính - Việt Nam. Kích vào thanh công cụ để đọc nhiều hơn!

Published: 25th Th7 2018

I have devoured many different foods all over Vietnam, from Hanoi all the way to Phú Quốc and everywhere in between (that's over 15 major cities) over the course of 7 months. What I am about to tell you is the most delicious of the foods that I have ever eaten (not only in Vietnam but in my entire life). And it all came down to this little restaurant shop in the formal imperial city of Huế, Vietnam. Click on the title to read more!

Published: 21st Tháng 5 2018

I recently visited Phú Quốc Island in May 2018. Phú Quốc island is off the south coast of Vietnam, actually being closer to Cambodia. I wrote about some of the activities I did. Click on the title to read some more!

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