Trinidad & Tobago Radio Streams

By Shivan Jaikaran, 4 June, 2006

Here you will find a detailed listing of all the available online FREE streams of Trinidad and Tobago radio stations.

Scroll down for the TV Streams. (I differentiated between the TV stations and radio stations to make it less confusing)

NEW - Don't forget you can always use the Frappr map below to leave a pic as well location so other users of the site will know here your from.

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Latest additions in red

  • Bacchanal Radio
  • Wack 90.1 FM
  • Talk City 91.1 FM big up koiti_kid for this link
  • Trini Bashment 91.9 FM
  • Hott 93 93.5 / 93.1 FM - Seems to be a problem with their stream - 7/12/06
  • Rhythm City Boom Champions 94.1 FM
  • 95.1 Fm The Best Mix Thanks to Danielle from Bahamas for pointing this out!
  • i95.5 FM
  • 96.1 WEFM
  • Red 96.7 FM Listen out for Parliament on Friday from 7.30am to about 8am - Excellent!
  • Radio Shakti 97.5 FM
  • Isaac Radio 98.1FM
  • Next 99.1 FM big up koiti_kid for this link
  • Sweet 100.1 FM big up koiti_kid for this link
  • Masala Radio 101.1 FM
  • Heritage Radio 101.7 FM
  • Power 102.1 FM
  • Radio Jaagriti 102.7 FM
  • CCN TV 6 - scroll down
  • IBN TV 8 - scroll down
  • WIN TV - scroll down
  • Vibe CT 105.1 FM has been taken down. Sponsor it for a month.
  • Sangeet 106.1 FM

NB - If the stream is down, please contact the radio station directly. I am not affiliated with any radio station in anyway.

A lot of Trinis (in foreign) have emailed me thanking me for this page. Keep checking back as I am always adding new links as they become available.

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Anonymous (not verified)

17 years 4 months ago

TnT you are the place to be. Just spent a months vacation in TnT and I must say that I had a fantastic time. I am not from TnT (I'm a yankee from USA NY) but if I were to ever denounce my US citizenship it would be for TnT!! You Trini men are something special. I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and I must say that you do not discriminate. You love women of all shapes and sizes and your not afraid to show it. Thanks for making me feel like the BBW that I am. Can't wait for next years vacation. Already know its going to be in TnT!!!

reagan (not verified)

17 years 2 months ago

In reply to by ldmqmUhAQvn2dL…

i like alyur music man keep it up and i want to say hello to d 101.1 family and to my family rick ryan sheila sacha and vedesh

evden eve (not verified)

15 years 2 months ago

In reply to by ldmqmUhAQvn2dL…

yes very cool...

INEXYLE (not verified)

17 years 2 months ago

I was looking for a link that i can use to listen to the radio stations in trini an came up with this link found it very helpful..Thanks alot keep up the good work....

trini-merican (not verified)

17 years ago

OMG!! like i was totally searching for a cool site on the internet and like OMG i found this one...and it was like Ohhhh myyy Gawddddd!!!...this is so cool!! hey super site's like OMG lol...keep up the good wuk i done bookmark yuh!! OMG!!

Trini Angel (not verified)

17 years ago

I am a Trini studying abroad and I came across this site through a friend and I have been on it ever since. I think it is a great thing you are doing, especially for us Trinis that cannot be at home for Carnival. I love it! Thanks.

Shivana (not verified)

17 years ago

Shivan, I think u are amazing. Simply amazing. U know jus what i need. haha -- and u give just that.

Not quite sure what i'd do witout u.

Quite possibly die -- due to lackin good music.. and satisfaction. lol

haha thanks!!

Patsy Khan (not verified)

16 years 11 months ago

hi , well done to this station, i am locked in at this moment in cold cold Montreal, listening to your station. well done. patsy

Well those stations are not broadcasting on the internet as yet but I will call them and ask them if they are interested.

koiti_kid (not verified)

16 years 11 months ago

In reply to by ldmqmUhAQvn2dL…

Hi Shivan

105 & 103 have sold themselves 2 jump tv its not free any more.
I enjoyed hearing them a lot and miss them.
Keep up the good work mate.



Anonymous (not verified)

16 years 1 month ago

In reply to by koiti_kid (not verified)

aye shiv u already have 103 but now all u have 2 get is 90.5 and 106 thank you shiv

Hello Shivan, I just want to say thank you, your site and radio streams was passed on through a friend. I absolutely enjoy the many radio stations here, especially Masala for the music and Radio Shakti for the Political commentary. Like you I also work in information Technology but, I am no programmer well not professionally. I just want to wish you great success in your endeavors and thanks again for thinking of us Trini's who want to stay connected with the goings on in TnT.

Bobby Bhagirathy.

nizam mohamed (not verified)

16 years 9 months ago

keep up the good work love your program

Namaste or Bandagie Saheb as we Kabir Panthis say, Shivan,
Thanks for the site. My dad was giving a discourse at the Chinmaya Ashram yesterday evening. I live in Illinois, USA and was trying to log on to the regular TnT stations to hear the discourse. But, found that none was free or broadcasting the Katha. I stumbled unto your site by pure Grace from above, and was able to hear my dad live! Wow! Please keep up the work. I wish you great success in your IT endeavours.


Anonymous (not verified)

13 years 2 months ago

In reply to by nizam mohamed (not verified)

I was looking for a link that i can use to listen to the radio stations in trini an came up with this link found it very helpful..Thanks alot keep up the good work....

Wattie (not verified)

16 years 4 months ago

Can you shout Bindu to get the beers out, I'll be there soon
From Wattie in London

Mitra Texas USA (not verified)

16 years 3 months ago

In reply to by Wattie (not verified)

Beers? Wow! Have fun. Don't drink too much.

Anonymous (not verified)

16 years ago

I just receive this website, from a friend......and I tell u, it is so good to hear and feel the vibes from the people back home. It's like having Trinidad in your living room. Thanks Shivan.

Afeisha (not verified)

15 years 10 months ago

This is da bomb! everything i wanted in one. for along time i have been suffering trying to find radio stations from my sweet T&T where i can listen to local music and favourite programs,until i found this website on the internet. And it even got television streaming!

This is great, thanks Shivan.keep up the good work!

Gary (not verified)

15 years 4 months ago

Hey Shivan,
You've got a great selection of radio stations for Trini lovers ...on your site. I'm a big fan of 97.1FM...would like very much to see this station added to your line-up.Keep up the good work!

Michelle (not verified)

15 years 4 months ago

Hi Shivan:

This is my first time to your site. Good job on providing this resource for those of us who are living abroad.

I think it would make for easier reading if you would put the most recent comments at the top of the page and the older ones on the bottom, that way a person would not have to scroll through so many old posts before seeing the most recent ones. For instance, at the top of the comments list is a post from 2006, I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see recent comments. For a moment I thought the last posted comment was done in '06.

Shivan Jaikaran

15 years 4 months ago

In reply to by Michelle (not verified)

Hi Michelle, thanks for this suggestion. I have changed the display order. It makes more sense as you quite rightly said! Thanks!

"Chivalry is dead and women killed it!" - Dave Chappelle

Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 11 months ago

In reply to by Michelle (not verified)

Hello! Thank you so much for this website.

Can you please highlight the radio stations that usually broadcast cricket at the Oval for West Indies Vs. England?

Thank you so much.

Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 11 months ago

Hi there Masala peeps..........we listen to masala online all the time but it's sounding a lil distorted for some reason? What's that about guys . Anyhow love yall still......Kavi from Toronto.

Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 8 months ago

I thought I had lost U!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't find your site from my " favorites " so that blew my mind until I found U again. U have my prayers & blessings, ' cause I just LOVE this site. Keep it up!!
It's nice seeing "clean" comments.
**** A HAPPY TUESDAY TO ALL LOCKED ON *** I'm relaxing after the long Memorial week-end in the USA, which was just lovely.
All the best to U, Shivan.

From Zori
Upr.Marlboro, MD

Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 6 months ago

Shivan talks boi for doing this! We really appreciate it!!! I was in a dinner meeting somtime this week and my native Canadian friends absolutely loved the selection fo tunes blasting from Sweet 100!!!! They eeven wanted the site so youh kno ah hook dem up steady!!!

Trini to the bone man!!!



Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 6 months ago

Having radio on the www is indeed informal and entertaining, Radio stations who dont see it as very important has got stuck in a visionless place. Mediums like these allow persons on the move and other places to keep tuned in, and any good advertising person appreciates the importance of being see and heard (on a world wide medium) Thanks Shiv..........

Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 2 months ago

Some important stations are missing....107.7 FM 104.1 and 105.1

Other than that I was happy to find Trini stations online when I don't feel to get up to put on the radio.

Anonymous (not verified)

14 years 1 month ago

***Happy New Year 2010 to all locked on to Shivan's site.( I just love access to all stations & channels. ) I just returned back to the cold weather from sweet T&T & I'm already missing the shark & bake,de heat, atmosphere, just everything man. (I am crying now)
Peace & God's blessings to all for a better & safer 2010 esp. in T&T my home always.***

from Upper Marlboro, MD

Anonymous (not verified)

13 years 12 months ago

Hey guys this great,me from Guyana and like listening to foreign radio,but sangeet radio kinda na wok.

Anonymous (not verified)

13 years 5 months ago

hey....just wanted to kno if u can add another station. it's 92.7 fm it's tobago's official radio station........i think u should add it.thanks

Not specified