Farewell Drupalcon DC

Posted on: Thu, 03/12/2009 - 17:45 By: admin

Well that was certainly one of my greatest experiences ever! To all the 29+ organisers, and the Drupal Association, a big hefty CONGRATULATIONS and job well done on hosting a perfect conference. I mean, I expected it to be a good conference, but damnnn, it was far greater than my expectations. I think it was rumoured that this was one of the biggest and most successful Drupalcons ever. Certainly the biggest.

I am certainly looking forward to Drupalcon Paris, although I am not sure if that is financially possible as yet. Time will tell.

I have never collected so many call cards in just a few days (over 50)....and not just random call cards, but each and everyone is someone that I met personally.

Go Drupal!!

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